Galatea Biotech has a highly professional team which can provide advice and assistance in the fields of Biotechnology and Material Sciences.
In detail we offer:

  • Technical analysis: we offer a specialistic scientific analysis about biotechnological processes like choices of biomass, microorganism metabolism, microbial cell physiology, synthetic biotechnology, metabolic engineering, plasmid construction, molecular biology strategies.
  • Biotech and Materials comparative analysis: we can run comparative analysis between different bioprocess or biotechnological strategies for different productions.
  • Bioprocess design: we analyze and we propose how to develop bioprocesses, tailor made, on the customer preferences bases from biomass, through biotech process of fermentation or bioconversion, to downstream of products, with particular attention to wastes stream and end-of-life of the products.
  • Fermentation troubleshooting: we propose strategies to overcome the fermentation processes failure or bottlenecks that can affect the customer productions.
  • Sustainable production improvement: we are able to find solution to drive the transition from traditional chemical productions to biotechnological production
  • Feasibility studies: Literature studies on feasibility of biotechnological process

For any further information, please contact us ( briefly illustrating your needs. You will be promptly recontacted for a follow up meeting.