On 2018, the University of Milan Bicocca settled up the “University of Crowdfunding” (https://unimib.produzionidalbasso.com/) project, which makes a crowdfunding platform available to the entire university community. It is a new path to support the ideas and projects that are born in the University. Galatea Biotech Srl participated, ranking first, in the second call with a project entitled: “IS IT EASY TO SAY BIOPLASTIC, BUT 100% BIOPLASTIC?”

The challenge to face

The plastics industry traditionally requires the modification of chemical polymers using the compounding technique, which involves blending different percentages of other chemical compounds (additives) to obtain the characteristics of the desired material. These range from (i) mineral fillers as a filler for heat resistance to (ii) blend with other polymers to increase their hardness and elasticity characteristics. Even today bioplastics still contain till 5% of chemicals additives


In September 2020 the crowdfunding campaign of Galata Biotech Srl is started taks to the support of Corepla and Produzioni dal basso. The project is called “100% BIOPLASTIC” and it will help us in the development of plastic materials where all the components are derived from fresh biomass, avoiding any fossil-derived compound. Morover the new blends will be 100% biodegradable.


Bio for the origin and bio at the end of life, a bioplastic with BIO squared!


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