We are a company that through synthetic biology is able to transform linear economy to circular economy for the sustainable production of bulk and fine chemicals

Industrial projections indicate that by 2025, Industry 5.0 will contribute to the production of one quarter of chemicals and polymers sales. Our Mission is to (i) further broaden the range of chemical based products that can be bio-manufactured and to (ii) drive the cost and time for going to market. Petrochemistry essentially developed by the quest to find applications (either in the chemical as well as in the pharma industries) for abundant substrates. In most cases the involved chemistry is focused on the introduction of functional groups.

Today biotechnology is dedicated to the replacement of current platform chemicals, developed and used by petrochemistry. Galatea also suggests a paradigm shift, from linear economy to circular economy, to produce the right metabolites and proteins. This implies looking at chemistry with an open mind: in many cases the aim is not to substitute existing processes or molecules, but more radically to re-imagine them and their possible use.