PLA Compounds

Based on the activities described in «Materials & Compounding», Galatea Bio Tech Srl PLA-based compounds can address the needs of quite different market sectors. 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable products are an unavoidable choice on the path to a circular economy. Sectors of applications are various. Among these:

  • Textile,… where PLA based fibres will replace polyester ones. Indeed, this sector is challenged to make a radical shift towards innovative and high added value products.
  • 3D Printing, ….due to its more ecological origin, PLA has become popular within the 3D printing industry. It is often the preferred choice for beginners in 3D printing as it is a very easy material to work with.
  • Packaging, …because PLA based compound can be processed into many shapes and sizes, including film. PLA is Cradle to Cradle certified.
  • Automotive, …. because PLA bioplastics are increasingly becoming the material of choice for automotive applications – from under-the-hood components to visible interior parts. PLA is an excellent alternative to most polyesters (PC, PET, PBT) as well as polystyrenes (ABS), polyolefins (such as PP) and polyamides (PA6).

.. just to cite few sectors.