Research & Bioprocess Development

Galatea Bio Tech thanks to its expertise in Biodiversity, DNA recombinant techniques, in Synthetic biotechnology, Fermentation processes and Materials can engineer selected microorganisms in order to obtain a large number of bio-compounds.

Three are the main project phases:
Cell Factory Development (… proof of principle demonstration)

  • Pathway identification, strain selection, engineering and robustness optimization
  • Optimization of fermentative growth conditions (fermentation parameters and composition of cultivation media and broth)

Bioprocess Production Optimization (… characterization and optimization)

  • Analysis and test of the best fermentation technique to be used (Batch, Fed-Batch, Continuous Cultures)
  • High cell density fermentation
  • Scale-down

Process Design and Scale-up (… scale up ready conversion system)

  • Scale-up
  • Bioreactor process modelling and simulation
  • Analysis and purification of bioproducts

At Galatea Bio Tech we can design and start-up any bioprocess system, suitable for the production of bulk as well as fine compounds deriving from agroindustrial wastes or byproducts, from lab up to pilot scale.